Water Damage Restoration in Lower Hudson Valley

No matter where you reside, water emergencies can happen. Water damage can happen during any time of the year, during any time of the day. It only takes a few minutes for a small water problem to spread and affect more areas at your property. When water damage strikes, you’ll need water damage restoration experts in Lower Hudson Valley to assist you. United Water Restoration Group of Lower Hudson Valley is open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We can respond to your water damage in Lower Hudson Valley and arrive at your property in under an hour!


The technicians at United Water Restoration Group of Lower Hudson Valley are water, fire, and mold restoration experts. We can assist you through every step of water damage restoration in Lower Hudson Valley and help return your property back to a state of normalcy. With over 60 years of combined experience and a wide range of services to offer, we can assist you through whatever type of water damage your property is experiencing!


What Sets Us Apart From The Rest?

We know that there are other restoration companies out. We may not be the first you noticed, but we can be the first and last restoration company you need. Our focus is on fast response and customer satisfaction. Look, we understand how difficult these situations are to navigate, especially if this is the first time you’ve experienced it. Water damage can uproot your life and throw a wrench in all your plans. 

Having this damage addressed with haste, precision, and by trained and certified professionals is always desired. We know you can’t rest while facing water damage, that’s why we offer the following:

  • Emergency Services 24/7/365
  • Professionally Trained & Certified Technicians
  • Response Within An Hour
  • Guaranteed Workmanship 

We’ll do what we can to return your property back to its pre-loss conditions. After all, we’re a part of the Lower Hudson Valley community, we understand how challenging these times are and wouldn’t wish them on anyone. 


Why Do You Need Water Damage Restoration By Professionals?

Water damage is the most common claim home and business owners make with their insurance companies. In fact, 1 in 50 homeowners each year file a water damage claim, this accounts for nearly 30% of all insurance claims. Water damage is a common issue and when it comes down to water damage restoration in Lower Hudson Valley, it’s better to leave it up to the professionals. Heavy rainfall, burst pipes, damaged appliances, clogged toilets, and many other events can leave your property with damage.

While you may want to try to undertake the services yourself, it can cause more problems. The damage can grow and your insurance may no longer provide coverage. Taking on these services can cost you more in the long run, cause more stress, and more damage to your property. Dealing with a water damage restoration company in Lower Hudson Valley, like ours, can take all that away. Our services are typically covered by insurance providers, depending on the circumstances. 

One of the worst-case scenarios when dealing with water damages is the presence of mold. The average room has 200-700 mold spores in it. These spores only require increased moisture, oxygen, and organic materials to feast on. Mold colonies can grow in as little as 24 hours and begin spreading throughout a room. This problem can quickly turn into a major infestation that stretches to multiple rooms. This is another reason why having professional water restoration in Lower Hudson Valley is important. 

Our technicians are professionally trained and certified to handle water damage restoration in Lower Hudson Valley. We can address all water damages and help prevent mold outbreaks from occurring at your property. 


What Does Water Damage Insurance Cover?

As mentioned above, there may be times when your insurance won’t cover your water damages. This is generally due to a lack of action on your behalf. If your insurance company discovers you ignored the problem or tried to address it on your own, causing more damage, they are unlikely to provide coverage. 

Homeowner’s insurance policies don’t cover all forms of water damage. Your policy may cover accidental water damages or sudden events, but may not cover flooding from heavy rain. You should check with your insurance to better understand coverage and your policy. At United Water Restoration Group of Lower Hudson Valley, we work hand and hand with insurance companies to help ensure your water damage in Lower Hudson Valley is covered. 

Water damage restoration in Lower Hudson Valley can be a hassle, especially if you undertake the responsibility on yourself. We can assist with your water damage restoration in Lower Hudson Valley. When disaster strikes, you can count on United Water Restoration Group of Lower Hudson Valley. We are open 24/7/365 to assist you during your time of need. Need water damage restoration in Lower Hudson Valley, New York? Contact us now for assistance, in times of emergency, we can be at your property in under an hour! 

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