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Mold Remediation in Lower Hudson Valley

Mold spores are present in virtually every room. On average, a room has anywhere from 200 to 700 mold spores. This is because they are microscopic in nature and come into your home in many different ways. While these spores typically are harmless, elevated levels of mold spores can decrease air quality in affected rooms. 

Mold spores only need an increased presence of water, organic material, and humidity to start sprouting mold colonies around your property. These mold colonies can quickly spread through multiple rooms and cause lingering odors, damages, and may actually render affected rooms uninhabitable. In times of mold outbreaks, mold remediation in Lower Hudson Valley can assist. Professional mold remediation by United Water Restoration Group of Lower Hudson Valley can address these concerns and return your property back to a state of normalcy. 


Why Choose Mold Remediation in Lower Hudson Valley?

While you may think “why do I need professional help? I can see the mold, I can get rid of it myself.” Unfortunately, tackling mold remediation in Lower Hudson Valley isn’t so simple. Mold is likely the result of a sudden change at your property. Without addressing the source of the damage, it will come back even after you try removing it. 

With our mold remediation in Lower Hudson Valley, we don’t just remove mold. We clean, sanitize, and identify the underlining problem that allowed the growth to start. Without correcting this problem, you’ll likely have future outbreaks. Mold is also tricky, you may see one mold colony while there are five hidden ones. Mold colonies can creep behind walls, on insulation, and under carpeting. Our mold remediation experts in Lower Hudson Valley can assist in spotting these problem areas that you may miss. 

Another thing about handling your own mold remediation is that insurance claims can lapse and leave you with the bill. If you fail to stop the mold infestation, your provider may say you are at fault for damages. With professional mold remediation in Lower Hudson Valley, we can help solve your mold problem. 


Early Warning Signs of Mold 

Mold colonies don’t just usually happen, there’s generally an underlining event that causes them. Hidden mold can also be tricky to identify. Here are a few early mold signs:

Wet, dirty smell – Where the eyes fail, the nose knows. An early sign of a mold colony is the traditional, wet smell accompanied by the colonies. 


Discoloration on surfaces – Mold colonies may be hidden behind a wall or under the material. However, it can still cause discoloration on visible areas. 


Unexplained allergy symptoms – Mold can quickly cause allergy problems. Whether you have existing allergies or not. Mold colonies reduce the quality of air in affected rooms. Inhaling mold spores can cause shortness of breath and cause asthma-like reactions. 

If you see signs of water stains, discoloration, or bubbling, these are also signs of hidden water damage or mold. Don’t wait to act when you notice one or a few of these signs. The sooner the problem is addressed, the better. Mold damage can quickly spread to multiple rooms, causing massive problems. Mold often grows and spreads in hidden areas and can become a severe problem before you’re even aware of it. 


What You Can & Can’t Do About Mold Remediation

It’s impossible to remove all mold from your property, mold spores are microscopic and are pretty much always present in a room. These spores can come into your property from the clothes on your back. What you can do is prevent the establishment of mold colonies. To decrease the risk of mold growth you should do the following:


Reduce Moisture – In order to create mold colonies, mold spores require increased moisture. 

Identify Problem Spots – There are specific areas that are more prone to a mold outbreak, warmer areas with organic materials are typical problem areas. 

Clean Water Immediately – The presence of water means an increased presence of moisture in the room. This could create a mold outbreak if not tended.

Track Indoor Humidity – Increased humidity creates an opportunity for mold growth to begin. 


Keeping an eye on the situation at your property is recommended. Keeping everything properly maintained will assist in catching a problem before it spirals out of control. When dealing with mold in Lower Hudson Valley, you should never ignore the signs. Don’t delay treatment and don’t try to deal with large mold problems on your own. 

While some may try to clean up an area with bleach, bleach does not kill mold. Bleach can cause more damage while only removing the color of mold, not the actual threat. You shouldn’t use bleach on a mold colony as it does not actually kill the mold, just takes away its color. 


The Mold Removal & Mold Remediation Process in Lower Hudson Valley

Each property is unique and each mold situation is as well. Various building materials lead to different concerns when dealing with mold. Our technicians have experience in treating a wide range of mold damages. Mold remediation in Lower Hudson Valley may be necessary to return your property to a safe state. Our goal is to quickly address the root of the problem and tackle mold growth before it can spread. Our quick response decreases the potential for health risks of those at the property. In most cases, we practice the following key steps:


  • Identify and resolve the cause of moisture
  • Plan mold remediation efforts
  • Contain mold during remediation 
  • Clean and dry affected items
  • Discard items that can’t be restored
  • Assess the possibility of new mold growth

We understand the danger mold presents. If you spot mold and need mold remediation in Lower Hudson Valley, our technicians can help! We can assist you through every step of mold remediation in Lower Hudson Valley, New York! You can contact our service line at (845) 305-1100 to get in direct contact with one of our trained professionals. We can help you through mold remediation in Lower Hudson Valley and return your property back to its pre-loss conditions! 

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